A Master in Italy's Haute Couture Design | Renato Balestra in China

A Master in Italy's Haute Couture Design| Renato Balestra in China


In the list of world's top fashion brands, Italy occupies one of the top positions. That’s because these brands can rely on the wide competencies and perfect knowledge of fashion tastes of their founders, and among those, the one that better understands and interprets the Italian design is Renato Balestra.

Balestra is a national treasure in Italian Haute Couture, as well as for all the people that relied and keeps trusting his exquisite design for their appearance.
Nowadays, the designer is leading his collection of branded accessories to a new horizon, expanding his market range to China.

Balestra's love for flamboyance combines perfectly with the elegance and ascetic majesty of his design and the peculiar attention to details, making his couture an evergreen of fashion.




From a bet to the conquer of the fashion world

Renato Balestra was born in a family of architects in Trieste, Italy. Since he was a child, he studied literature and music and developed a taste for design. However, in was only after he graduated in engineering that his journey into the fashion world started.

Balestra's first fashion piece is a sketch; it was sent by his friend, and without his knowledge, to a fashion brand in Milan. The design gained so much appreciation that the Milanese brand contacted Balestra for a partnership. So began the designer’s destiny.



After working for some years in Milan, Renato Balestra moved to Rome and began working with several important tailoring shops as well as a costume designer for cinema. In Rome Balestra opened his first fashion studio, and in 1951 he launched the first collection of the eponymous label Renato Balestra at Giovanni Battista Giorgini's fashion show, officially starting his own fashion career.




The authentic owner of the electric light blue

Renato Balestra is one of the few brands that can boast a considerable history in Haute Couture. The Balestra brand blends the mastery of the artisans and the style of the designer to express its vision to the fullest, thanks to hundreds of hours of craftmanship and the highest attention to details. Every crease in the fabric is calculated, a traditional Italian-style cut one needle and one line at the time, subtly adapting decorative elements, light and charming fabrics and precious decorations. The aim of the brand is not to please everyone, but to express the inclination of the designer’s heart to appreciate and collect beautiful and awe-inspiring moments. 



This is what made Renato Balestra increasingly become an international high-profiled brand, gaining popularity especially among celebrities and politics fascinated by the brand's elegant and beautiful details.


Among some of the most loyal female customers are Farah Diba, empress of Iran; Sirikit, princess of Thailand; Princess Choulaborn of Jordan; Noor Hamzah, the first lady of the Philippines, and her daughter Irene, whose wedding dress bore Balestra’s iconic signature.  It is no exaggeration to say that Balestra knows how to grasp the heart of a woman.

During the 1980s, Mr. Balestra designed a clothing line for Alitalia airlines personnel, creating iconic flight suit shirts and high-waisted pleated skirts. As prominent Italian national airline, Alitalia has always been very careful about the clothing of its employees. Everyone who saw the hostesses coming down from the planes wearing their Balestra working suites was mesmerized by their beauty and elegance that resembled the cover of some fashion magazine.





For decades, Renato Balestra has been wearing a specific, impactful color, the so called “Blu Balestra”. In the 1960s, during a runway show, the brand exhibited a unique electric blue blouse which was the first dress created by Renato Balestra. The unprecedented success of the colour had far-reaching effects, making the Blue Balestra a style icon.




Today, Renato Balestra designs more than 30 different collections, including haute couture, ready-to-wear for man and woman, and accessories. Balestra is one of the top brands that still remains a 100% family run business which has spread on oversea markets, with a  collection of shoes and accessories sold on the Chinese market.